What’s New

  • Fall Registration is now open!

    • FALL B SESSION:  October 1 – November 24
    • We will be closing at 6:00pm on Halloween!  Any recreational classes starting at 5:30pm or later, please call to schedule a make up class.
    • Fall B Closures:  November 22-24 (Thanksgiving)
    • Registration for Winter gymnastics classes will begin November 12!
  • Preschool Open Play now on Thursday mornings!

    Starting August 9th we are adding POP on Thursday mornings as well as Mondays!    Visit the POP tab for more information.

  • Tumbling Clinics starting soon!

    Come join us for clinics focusing on Tumbling Skills. Participants will be learning different drills and techniques, as well as stretches, and some conditioning that will help them reach their goal of learning these skills. Clinics are perfect for athletes who desire tumbling for cheerleading teams/tryouts, or anyone who may need just a little bit of extra help gaining skills.

The Magic of Childhood Happens Here!

Gymnastics is an amazing way to help develop your child’s coordination, balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility as well as social and mental growth.

  • Develop Coordination

    Basic motor skills such as skipping, hopping, and running, and learning to fall are essential to all sports.

  • Learn to listen and follow directions

    Following directions is essential to completing tasks, thus enhancing lifelong success.

  • Learn to set and achieve goals

    Gymnastics training emphasizes discipline, focus and determination to aid in achieving physical and emotional well-being.

  • Develop Strength & Flexibility

    Strength and flexibility allow for enhanced skill development at a more rapid pace in all sports.

  • Gain self-esteem and confidence

    If youngsters feel good about themselves, they are better able to relate to others.

  • Social interaction with peers

    Gymnastics classes encourage positive communication with peers and enhance cooperation, turn-taking, sharing and good manners.


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