What’s New

  • Winter Session enrolling now!

    Session Dates: November 25th, 2019- February 28th, 2020 (12 weeks)

    • Winter Closures:  – We will be closed for winter break from December 20, 2019 to January 4th, 2020. This two-week break is NOT included in the 12-week session.
    • We are OPEN for Martin Luther King Day (January 20th) and Presidents Day (February 17th)

    Your child will be AUTOMATICALLY RE-ENROLLED in the same class for the winter session, AND you will be financially responsible for the FULL Winter tuition UNLESS you submit a written drop notice (through the parent portal or by an email to the front desk).

  • Preschool Open Play - Monday and Thursday mornings!

    With the weather getting colder, we are getting more and more interest in our Preschool Open Play!    We do have a maximum number of preschoolers each day so we recommend pre-registering to secure your child’s spot. Visit the POP tab for more information.

Timberline Holiday Closures

The Magic of Childhood Happens Here!

Gymnastics is an amazing way to help develop your child’s coordination, balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility as well as social and mental growth.

  • Develop Coordination

    Basic motor skills such as skipping, hopping, and running, and learning to fall are essential to all sports.

  • Learn to listen and follow directions

    Following directions is essential to completing tasks, thus enhancing lifelong success.

  • Learn to set and achieve goals

    Gymnastics training emphasizes discipline, focus and determination to aid in achieving physical and emotional well-being.

  • Develop Strength & Flexibility

    Strength and flexibility allow for enhanced skill development at a more rapid pace in all sports.

  • Gain self-esteem and confidence

    If youngsters feel good about themselves, they are better able to relate to others.

  • Social interaction with peers

    Gymnastics classes encourage positive communication with peers and enhance cooperation, turn-taking, sharing and good manners.


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